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5 Answers

When is the best time to buy a engagement ring?

Asked by: admin Engagement Rings

When is the best time to get a engagement ring for money wise? Is there any good time of the year to get a ring when they are cheaper? Best place to get one?
fyi not for me my friend want to know

5 Answers

  1. JoeJess3030 on Nov 03, 2010

    maybe around christmas or valentines day? i would think there are better sales during those times.

    EDIT: personally i think the best places to go for e-rings are little ma and pa stores. not jarreds or kays….they are over priced. ask around. your family and friends may know someone who knows a jeweler. my husband bought my e-ring thru helzberg and we got our wedding bands thru his boss’ friend that she buys a lot of jewelery off of. we got such a good deal from him! my wedding band should have been about $2000 but he gave it to us for almost 1/2 off, same with my husbands band. i kinda wish we woulda gone there from the beginning!

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  2. Sxa on Nov 03, 2010

    DON’T DO IT!!! : P

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  3. Nicola on Nov 03, 2010

    Firstly shop around, other than that, keep an eye out for January sales or closing down sales, and that goes for anything you want to buy!

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  4. apple Tuffaha on Nov 03, 2010

    Umm … well i think it would be better once you get to the know person REALLY well ….
    Usually after 6 to 7 months of having a strong relationship together :)
    But its your choice … whenever YOU feel youre ready to handle a marriage and raise a beautiful family.
    Hope that helps :)

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  5. Local on Nov 03, 2010

    when you know he or she will say yes???

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