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11 Answers

How much cake should I order for my wedding?

Asked by: admin Wedding Cake

I read somewhere that when ordering your wedding cake you don’t order enough cake for every guest just a percentage, whats that percentage?

We’re having 80 people.

11 Answers

  1. Mrs Noel ♥6/19/2010♥ on Jun 07, 2010

    With that small of a number for the guest list, I’d go with 100%. Most people that have 50-85 people at their wedding invite only family and very close friends, most of which (probably all) will actually show up. I’m inviting 250 people and my cake serves 231 including the top tier (220 if I save the top for my anni). I know that 100% of my invited guests aren’t going to show up though. I’ll probably end up having cake out the wazoo, but oh well. I’d rather be overly safe than sorry.

    *ADD* It sounds like I meant no one is going to show up at my wedding…lol. I meant to say that I know that not all of the people invited are going to actually show up.

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  2. I love my love on Jun 07, 2010

    how about none? wedding cake is the worst cake on earth. have a dessert bar instead!

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  3. kittenkatt79 on Jun 07, 2010

    Um, I would order enough cake for 100% of your guests. So, at least 80 slices if you’re having 80 guests. Get more cake if you plan on offering slices to your vendors (photographer, DJ/Band, etc.) and if you plan on keeping and freezing the top of the cake for your 1st anniversary.

    Also, there will always be a few guests who may want a second slice. Some guests live for wedding cake/dessert.

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  4. Ms. M on Jun 07, 2010

    I love my love, quit shitting all over the wedding cake. I find it hard to believe that out of the 30,000 weddings you’ve been to, not ONE of the wedding cakes have been even remotely edible, as you claim. They all must be using the same horrible baker, or cheaping out and trying to make them themselves.

    I am a cake baker & decorator and I can tell you that generally you want to have enough for each guest– 1 slice (standard wedding size 1"x2"x4") per each guests. Some decorators say to plan for 10-15% not to show up on the day, but I personally think this is foolish. Better to have too much than not enough.

    So I would say, a cake to feed 80, or 80 servings. If I were to make your cake, I would suggest either a 3-tier round cake comprised of 10", 8" & 6" layers (total 80 servings exactly), a 2-tier round comprised of a 12" & 8" (85 servings). Or you could have a 3-tier square, 10-8 & 6 but that would be 100 servings and I think too much.

    And PS, walk into any cake bakery and ask for a tasting. You will get a sampling of the available flavors, fillings and frostings offered for wedding cakes, and unless you’re doing a tasting at Wal Mart, I’m sure that you will find that they’re delicious.

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  5. Armychick on Jun 07, 2010

    I’m not sure actually what the % is. But, you want to definately order enough cake for all of your guests, it’s usually calculated into teirs. I’m having 30 people for my wedding and my cake is only 2 tiers.

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  6. awommack on Jun 07, 2010

    alot of cake

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  7. iloveweddings on Jun 07, 2010

    The place (bakery?) that you are ordering this from should be able to help you out.

    You will not need a big cake…but big enough. Just tell them that you want about 75-80 pieces and see what they suggest. Obviously, they have done this before so they will be able to give you suggestions on the size. Then, it just depends on how big the slices are cut! Usually, wedding cake slices are not that big.

    But…I would rather have too much than not enough!

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  8. Libby on Jun 07, 2010

    3 or 4 tiers is what you need.

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  9. Ash on Jun 07, 2010

    I have 111 people at my wedding and we ordered enough cake for 200.

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  10. JM on Jun 07, 2010

    Get enough for everyone. There is nothing more annoying than being a guest and being told, oh sorry we are out of cake. It’s rude. They will serve everyone a slice at the party. Since you are having 80 people you won’t need a gigantic cake anyway.


    A 12-8-6 round would serve 92 if you use the top tier.(1"x2"x4" slices) The 4" is the height of the cake. If you save the top tier then it feeds 80 exactly. You didn’t mention if you were inviting 80 people or if you have 80 confirmed guests. If you are inviting 80 this is more than enough because you are bound to have some cancellations.

    If you want to save the top tier but need just a little more cake you could have one tier be a square which generally has more servings than a round.

    I think Ms. M’s calculations are off. She has too many servings for the sizes of the cake. Please refer to the wilton chart to see where I got my servings from.

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  11. raychelhunt on Jun 07, 2010

    Ask your baker. They know everything there is to know and with it only being 80 people, it won’t be very expensive for even 100%.

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