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Is it safe to store my wedding gown in the plastic bag it came in for 5months before the wedding?

Asked by: admin Wedding Gowns

Can i keep the gown in a plastic bag in a suitcasewhile i shop for the accessories?i’m not getting married in the country where i live and bought the gown?i’m scared the fabric might get brown!!!!help

5 Answers

  1. silverneedlesandpins on Nov 27, 2010

    Gravity exerts pressure that can stretch or tear the fibers of hung textiles over time. Storing your wedding dress on a hanger for a long period of time is not recommended. Laying the gown flat or storing it in a rolled or folded position is preferable to hanging it. If you plan to hang your gown for any length of time, you should pad the hangers with cotton batting covered with unbleached cotton. These materials are commonly found at craft and quilting supply stores.

    If you decide to store your gown in a folded position, remove it from storage a couple of times a year and fold it along different lines. Pieces that have been folded on the same lines for a long period of time will eventually develop stress tears along the folds.

    For items that will be stored in a folded position for a long period of time, acid free tissue paper (non colored) or clean piece of cloth should be placed between the folds. If you plan to hang your linens for any length of time.

    Use an acid-free muslin bag if you plan to hang it. — Never use vinyl or plastic bags

    Do not store your wedding dress in a cedar (or any other type of wood) chest without protective coverings between the wood and the fabric. All wood contains acid that will, over a period of time, make an impossible-to-remove brownish stain on any fabric it has direct contact with. A gown stored in direct contact with wood will eventually be weakened and destroyed by the acid in the wood. All wood products, including cardboard and regular paper, also have acid that causes fiber deterioration. This problem can be remedied by wrapping your wedding dress in acid-free tissue paper or storing it in an acid-free box. Typical stationery stores don’t carry acid-free materials. These are most often found in archival supply stores.

    Your wedding gown needs air to circulate through the fibers or it will eventually start to rot. For this reason, you should not wrap your gown in plastic for a long period of time. Also, the static in plastic acts as a magnet pulling dust from the air right into your gown if the plastic covering is unsealed. True, sealed plastic covers keep out dirt and grime, but they also prevent needed air from circulating through the fibers. Furthermore, if the piece is even slightly damp when placed in a plastic bag, mold will soon start to form. Also, some plastics produce textile-destroying hydrochloric acid when in contact with moisture for long periods of time.

    Extreme changes in temperature are harmful to your wedding gown. Ideal temperatures for long-term storage are between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Unheated attics and basements are undesirable storage places. Small rooms or closets with space heaters should also be avoided.

    Humidity Sensitivity
    Too little or too much humidity can also damage your wedding dress. Humidity levels between 45 and 55 percent are recommended. Avoid storing textiles in bathroom closets or laundry rooms where humidity often rises above acceptable levels. During dry winters, you might consider using a humidifier to maintain acceptable levels of humidity.

    Fight Ultraviolet Light
    Frequent or constant exposure to ultraviolet light, such as sunshine or fluorescent lights, will eventually cause your wedding dress to disintegrate. Always store the gown in a dark place.

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  2. weddrev on Nov 27, 2010

    If you don’t want to take it completely out of the bag, hang the dress up & unzip the bag so air gets to it. Also to keep it from yellowing you can place blue tissue paper over it.

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  3. bonnieblue716 on Nov 27, 2010

    i think it would be ok if as long as u open it every once in a while to let a little air in. Make sure it’s hanging all the way up or laying flat or it’ll wrinkle. You may want to set up an appointment to have it steam cleaned about a week before the wedding just to make sure it’s fresh, has no wrinkles and is as gorgeous as when you first bought it. Good Luck with your wedding, I hope it’s the most wonderful day of your life.

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  4. nanny on Nov 27, 2010

    Yes. Though it might be dependent upon the fabric it is made of – ask where you bought it. Mine was heavy bridal satin and has been in the long gown bag for over 17 years, and has not yellowed one bit.

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  5. layla983 on Nov 27, 2010

    The bags they come with are usually good for up to 2 years. I had mine in the bag hanging in a closet for 6 months with no problems before my wedding.

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