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8 Answers

How can you fix a mistake wedding invitations after they were sent out?

Asked by: admin Wedding Invitations

I just sent out my wedding invitations and the RSVP date is for august and we are getting married in may. We really need to know how many people are coming to order the food and the cake. Should I resend RSVP s with the correct date? or should I leave it and just start calling people a couple of weeks before the wedding if they have not responded.

8 Answers

  1. Unknown on Jul 02, 2009

    I would send out a letter to everyone stating that "RSVP to wedding mistake made. Wedding is in May please RSVP by April ___".
    Or if you dont want to spend the money on more stamps call people by Mid april.

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  2. Good♄Gyrl on Jul 02, 2009

    Interesting. Did you print these yourself or have a printer do it? Just curious … that’s a big mistake.

    The only way to atone for it is to call people NOW, not a couple of weeks prior to the wedding. Call and find out a) if they’re coming and b) how many people are coming, and apologize for the oversight.

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  3. Viv on Jul 02, 2009

    Wow! You’ll be doing a lot of calling because with an RSVP date in August, most people won’t reply until July or August. Sorry, most people are procrastinators when it comes to RSVPs. Split up the list with your fiance, bridemaids, and/or parents and start calling in early April. That’s today! No time to resend RSVP’s. It would also be a waste of money.

    Just call, apologize for the error, and inform them of the correct date. They will let you know right then whether or not they are coming, and they will return the RSVP card to you sooner rather than later. If they tell you that they won’t be able to attend, no biggie. Cross them off, and go to the next person on your list.

    Good luck.

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  4. chickennosenshi on Jul 02, 2009

    you should send out a new rsvp card to everyone on your list with the correct date. Calling could make things a little strange for that person who didn’t plan on coming.

    It’s starting to get to be pretty short notice here, so get on it ASAP!

    Also ask close friends and family members to start spreading it through word of mouth so that you can maybe get some of the aug cards back early after they have already been informed.

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  5. Vashti on Jul 02, 2009

    I would re-send the RSVPs with the correct date.

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  6. Christine on Jul 02, 2009

    I’d say that you should tell people as you talk to them that there was a mistake. Word will hopefully spread. You will need to call people to make sure they have responded, yes. Some people won’t notice that the date doesn’t make sense. Or they’ll notice, but because there’s no RSVP deadline then they won’t remember to RSVP.

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  7. Kristy on Jul 02, 2009

    Wow.. That’s a really big mistake. Did you do them your self, or did you order them on line, or from a store? I think you should just wait until about 2 or 3 weeks before the wedding and start calling people that have not sent back the RSVP you would have to do that anyway even if there wasn’t a mistake.

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  8. nikkim2709 on Jul 02, 2009

    I would send new RSVP cards with a little note

    dont worry…. I had a big mistake on mine too…. you laugh at it later!

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