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13 Answers

What does it mean when you dream about the diamonds in your wedding band fall out?

Asked by: admin Wedding Music

I am pregnant and I keep having these crazy dreams.

13 Answers

  1. Raju on Aug 30, 2010

    A person’s life is full of dreams. Dream can be about one’s ambition which he gets fulfilled with the passage of time thru his own hard work, intelligence, good planning and with the blessings of Almighty. Another is day dreaming which is really not a good habit and can be controlled with one’s will power. But what about the dreams a person experiences during sleep. Do they hv effect in our real life? What do they mean? What is their interpretation? The person asks to his friends, elders and seniors in his social circle. Sometimes he gets satisfactory reply and sometimes not. These days Internet is a rich source of information. So one does not need to depend on others for one’s dream interpretation. The Yahanswerholics Community member suggests the following.
    Please visit the above pages to find the interpretation of your dreams and to satisfy your different queries about dreams. I hope, that should do it for you.

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  2. NoSunHere on Aug 30, 2010

    It means you had a dream about the diamonds falling out of your wedding band.

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  3. Lindsay G on Aug 30, 2010

    Go to the book store and buy the dream dictionary.

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  4. Mrs F on Aug 30, 2010

    Well when you are pregnant you always have crazy dreams

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  5. Melly on Aug 30, 2010

    That should tell you everything you need to know.

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  6. sarge927 on Aug 30, 2010

    Could mean any number of things, like maybe you’re concerned about how the baby will affect your marriage, or maybe the diamonds falling out of your wedding band represent the number of children you think you’re going to have…Then again, it could mean nothing at all (but I’d suggest that you take your rings to a jeweler and have them check the settings, just in case). ;-)

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  7. RoseRed on Aug 30, 2010

    For awhile, I was seeing and acupuncturist / dream therapist who was helping me interpret and move past my strong, lucid dreams.

    I have had a similar dream to the one you describe, but it was more like the stone(s) in my ring crumbling or getting destroyed and then falling out.

    Dreams often speak to our fears. Ask yourself what that might be. Do you fear that your being pregnant affects your marriage negatively? Do you fear that your husband is turning away from you or is disinterested? Is it that you feel insecure in some way?

    Meditate on it. Reaffirm yourself, and then see if these dreams persist.

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  8. Lovely on Aug 30, 2010

    Maybe you’re have marriage problem?! Or maybe you are insecure now that you are pregnant.Who knows sometimes we never figure out our dreams

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  9. Rich Z on Aug 30, 2010

    It means you read a magazine article about pregnant women having dental problems from loss of calcium and their teeth got loose. You are afraid that your teeth will start to fall out from your mouth just like the diamonds did from the band in the dream. You are worried that all of your pregnancy problems will make you unattractive to your husband.

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  10. JRod on Aug 30, 2010

    Nothing to worry about. Pregnant women have all kinds of crazy dreams because your body is going through so many changes. If I had to interpret your dream I would say that the diamonds on your ring represent wealth and the ring is the bond between you and your husband. The diamonds falling out probably means that you have concerns about your financial welfare and are fearing experiencing a financial setback sometime in the near future. However, this doesn’t mean that this will happen. Remember to keep your faith and trust in your family. Your family and your baby are more important than losing diamonds or money. You can always replace the rocks or the cash.

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  11. ItsJustMe on Aug 30, 2010

    To me, it means that you are insecure in your marriage.

    But don’t worry – pregnancy hormones can make you have weird dreams. Just talk to your husband, and he will reassure you that everything is fine.

    Good luck!

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  12. YourDreamDoc on Aug 30, 2010

    Wedding band/ring = life time promise, commitment
    falling out = giving up

    Since you are pregnant, looks like you are nervous and stressed about the whole deal of having papers. Maybe you have this pro-pregnancy syndrome. You may have anxiety about how to bring up a child. You project this wedding band falling out could mean you are subconsciously giving up the idea of having a commitment. In you case, it could be regret about the marriage or having a family. Yes, this is only subconsciously due to stress and anxiety. You may not really feel that way. I have a feeling that you may not be happy during the pregnancy because you need help and support all the time. Perhaps sometimes you feel helpless. Band falling out could also mean that.

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  13. Travis James on Aug 30, 2010

    another man loves you. And you are excepting the reality that you are changing. This will be a beautiful experience if you don’t put the blame on nobody not even yourself. Just the other day i see two girls i am attracted to both, i am no criminal i am human.

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