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12 Answers

How long does it take for a wedding photographer to get back to us with our wedding photos?

Asked by: admin Wedding Photography

We hired a professional not a relative or anything like that. We’ve been waiting about 2 month. Does it take this long?

Should we expect it to take longer?


12 Answers

  1. nikki1162000 on Dec 05, 2010

    Well, we got our proofs back 2 weeks after the wedding. It shouldn’t take that long (depending on how many photos were taken). I would call and try and find out why it is taking so long.

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  2. Galaxie Girl on Dec 05, 2010

    This should have been stipulated in your contract (assuming you signed one). Go back and read that. If you didn’t sign one, you’re at the photog’s mercy, because there was never a written agreement. If you have not paid in full yet, all you can do is withhold the remaining balance you owe them, but if you have already paid them completely, there isn’t much you can do other than keep calling/emailing.

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  3. Kattrav on Dec 05, 2010

    No it should not take this long. I am a beginner photographer, and even I dont take that long. A photographers client should have first priority. I dont see why you would not have your pictures yet, unless they have some excuse that they are busy shooting every day! (I doubt it)

    You should really call and find out whats going on. Its expensive for wedding photography.

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  4. jlynburton on Dec 05, 2010

    2 months is way too long in my opinion. On the other hand, look at your contract. It should have been stated the turnaround time for that. My photographer told me it’s going to be about three weeks after the event to get ours and even states so in our contract.

    Just look … if not, then call the photographer and inquire about your pictures.

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  5. CorpCityGrl on Dec 05, 2010

    Call them and ask.

    Some photographers CAN take a long time to get proofs and photos back to you…especially if they are busy and do a lot of jobs.

    It took me about 6 weeks to get mine because we had about 1,000 photos and my photographer is incredibly busy and also does jobs outside of the country.

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  6. wavers3 on Dec 05, 2010

    First off, had youtry to call him. It’s possible there is an issue with the phone numbers or what not.

    If the photographer used film, then it’s quite possible. If he uses a digital camera, then no.

    But call him. I have my proofs to my brides in about one to two weeks from the ceremony. If they are in town. If they go out of town, I make sure they know to call me when they return.

    Call them though. You paid for the pictures, YOU should be the one in controll. Even if they are still using film, there is no reason they can’t get them to you soon.

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  7. Rosy on Dec 05, 2010

    It may depend on the photographer and the type of work that they’re doing.
    You may want to ask and find out.
    I had to keep on calling my photographer because he gave me the pictures but the digital album that was already paid for took almost 4 months.

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  8. Kit on Dec 05, 2010

    After 2 months I would be worried, very worried. Call them immediately and ask them. It could be something as simple as they lost your phone #.

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  9. Elsie on Dec 05, 2010

    We never ordered pictures for an album so I can’t answer for myself, but I just talked to my stepson and daughter in law–they got married last June 2, and said they still don’t have their album. Her parents just got their parent album last month. We just ordered some pictures and put the album together ourselves. I ordered them in August and got them in October.

    They used an independant photographer who owns his own studio with his wife. I don’t know if using one of the big studio chains would make a difference.

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  10. Bride 2 Be on Dec 05, 2010

    Are you waiting for the proofs or for the printed photos and albums? The proofs should take about 2 weeks. Two months is way too long for proofs. If you’re waiting on the printed photo order that will take longer – up to a month. And if you’re getting an album those can take up to 3 months, depending on the kind you get.

    Call the photographer and ask them when your photos will be ready. They should be able to give you an estimated time. If they can’t or if they won’t return your calls I’d get worried.

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  11. pastaprize on Dec 05, 2010

    I would say that you should have at least received proofs by now. Why don’t you go to http://www.bestweddingpros.com there are lots of photographers there, and you can ask this same question to see what professional photographers would answer. Each part of the country may have a different turn around time, but I would think 2 months is long enough.

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  12. beezme on Dec 05, 2010

    Most wedding photographers I know have the wedding photos ready by the time you return from your honeymoon. I would recommend allowing 2 weeks but 2 months is ridiculous, I am with the others who suggest you check your contract. It might also be worth checking with fair trading or similar in your area because that seems excessive.

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